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 Will someone loan me 370 dollars for my company?

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PostSubject: Will someone loan me 370 dollars for my company?   Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:46 pm

I have been away since July starting a company called Stock One. It is a stock exchange specializing in the trading of private company stock. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that if a company hasn't been around for 10 years doesn't fit a spcific criteria necessary to go public, or has just started out and is worth at least 50 million dollars, they can still sign up with Stock One and get money from people trading over their company.

Cool huh? Anyway I need 370 dollars so I can pay the programmer and won't have to wait until the 1st to launch the company and go to work. He built the site and did all the programming for only 550 dollars. The other woman did a sloppy, unprofessional job and was going to charge me 10,000 dollars for the same job. I already paid him 200 dollars on the first of October and I owe him 350 more. The only reason that I am asking for 370 is because it costs 20 dollars to send money by MoneyGram.

If you guys give me the loan I will pay you back 470 and will have it to you by December. OR the other option is that I can give you guys his info and one of you can send him the 370 YOURSELF and I will pay you back 470 by December. That way the money doesn't even have to get into my hands.

Respond all!
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Will someone loan me 370 dollars for my company?
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