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 Too Dumb For McDonald's?

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PostSubject: Too Dumb For McDonald's?   Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:02 pm

For a while now, McDonald's has been giving out free to extremely cheap coffee, which has been amazing because lately, their coffee tastes great. So, as usual, I've become a regular, known as the girl who only orders coffee. The people up there have actually had my coffee ready for me when they see my car, which is creepy, but convenient. So, I noticed that there was a new cashier working for the past couple of days, which is fine. But in the few times I've dealt with this guy, he has ruined orders (I'm only ordering coffee, mind you) with my debit card, simply acted dumbfounded when I asked for Equal, and lately, gave me back the wrong change. And normally, if it was like an extra penny, less a penny, or whatever, I'd be fine. But tonight, I ordered two medium coffees for a total of $1.49. I gave him $1.50 in quarters. He attempted to give me back $1.01.

Oh yes. He went there. He fucking went there and fucked up a beautiful transaction. I didn't want to yell at the poor kid for being so fucking stupid, so I played it off and said, "I only need the penny." He looked at me weird, as if I was wrong, handed me the penny, looked back at the cash register and immediately started counting his drawer as I pulled off. Yeah dude, if you've been making fuck-ups like that for even the past few minutes on a Friday night, you're fucked.

What I don't get is...how do you fuck up like that? The screen even tells you how much change you need to give back if for some insane reason you can't figure up a penny. I don't even know anymore.

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PostSubject: Re: Too Dumb For McDonald's?   Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:13 pm

I never though anyone could be to dumb for MCdonalds
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Too Dumb For McDonald's?
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